What kind of people purchase and own my artwork? That’s easy, people just like you. They’re from all over – California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Florida, Ohio, all over Michigan, and even Rome, Italy. One thing they have in common is a desire to enhance their lives through visual artwork. Many have purchased more than one drawing and that is most gratifying to me, the artist. I don’t want my artwork piling up in my studio. What good is that? I want it to be enjoyed by those who feel a connection to it. Some people have come to my studio to view my works while others have either seen my art in national or regional exhibitions or visited my website and even selected and purchased works during COVID-19. (You may see some duplicate drawings in the photos below. That only means that some of the drawings are original works while others are framed prints. Bet you can’t tell the difference!) But I don’t want to bore you with my words. I will let my patrons speak for themselves via photos either I have shot or they have sent me.

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