Still Life with Bird drawing by David Hile

For a while now I have been wanting to do a still life. I decided to do my drawing “Still Life with Bird” in the Cubist style inspired by my hero Pablo Picasso as well as fellow painter Georges Braque.

For the past four years I have created all my drawings (all the ones on this website) with three tools or less: a graphite pencil, a white charcoal pencil and a terracotta pastel pencil. Why? Because I feel that a limited palette forces me to carefully consider each line I lay down. I need to ask myself is my line or bit of color absolutely necessary to advance the artwork’s presence and narrative? Many, if not most artists rely heavily on color as a major element in their artwork. Without unlimited color I have to center on economy of line, form, and symbolic/emotional context. When it comes to my three drawing tools this artwork is no exception. However, I have added a broader color palette by overlaying the colors over each other. I am happy with the results and will, I think, evolve my future drawings to a slightly broader color use.

Let me know if you agree with me.

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