Book cover illustration by David Hile
A book cover sample of my commercial illustration work

I remember feeling insecure when I launched my fine art career a few years ago. For the first time in ages, I stared at a blank sheet of paper knowing anything was possible. For decades, I’d always had parameters (and deadlines) associated with every art assignment. As a commercial illustrator, I felt supremely secure in my ability to handle any visual project executed in nearly any style.

I even began to recall all of the angst I and my fellow students felt back in graduate school when we earnestly wrestled with questions like “Is painting dead? Had it all been done before? Why were we doing what we were doing?” Fortunately, I pushed all of that silliness out of my mind pretty quickly. Finally, I determined that:

  • My work will be representational as opposed to abstract
  • My art will be life affirming, but can deal with the full range of the human condition — from birth to death, happiness to hardship
  • I will determine my aesthetics by whether I would hang the piece on my own wall
  • I won’t worry about striving for a particular style, but just create whatever pops out
Pencil portrait of a woman by David Hile
Pencil portrait warm-up drawing
"Mother and Child" drawing by David Hile
First drawing leading to current style

A few warm-up drawings got my juices flowing.

And then it just happened… I found the yellow Lokta paper in the bottom or my flat files and the first drawing popped out. It was the beginning of all the work on this site.

David Hile Fine Art logo
  1. Dave, it’s been great to see you progress to this point. I love your work and am sure others do, too. I look forward to every new piece you create. Thanks for sharing it with us on this beautiful website.

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