“A life without love, is no life at all.” – Leonardo DaVinci.

In February the Kansas City Stockyards Gallery located in the beautiful historic Livestock Exchange Building of KC, MO celebrates love and all that it encompasses. As their “Everything You Love” exhibit prospectus explains, whether it’s chocolate cake, a favorite hiking spot, or your soul mate, the exhibition aims to capture the theme of love in an artist’s choice of artistic medium for the gallery’s annual juried show.

I’m happy to announce that three of my original drawings have been accepted in this year’s show. I entered works that highlight love as expressed in relationships. The first entry, “Mother and Child” presents perhaps the most intimate relationship among human beings. Secondly, I entered the drawing “Mourning Sunrise” showing a poor woman dressed in a simple tunic embracing a rooster. My wife and I have often donated money to World Vision International for providing animals (chickens, cows, and goats) to impoverished peoples in foreign lands for whom the gift of an animal may make the difference between success and struggle. Often times the animals not only provide nourishment for the family, but also serve as a cherished pet. Most importantly they can bring in additional income for the families, who are mostly subsistence farmers by selling excess eggs and milk. Of course roosters don’t provide eggs but they do provide an important service by protecting the family and their other animals against predators. My final entry is entitled “Country Girl’ showing a young girl holding a goose, standing between rows of corn. One of my ongoing themes over the past several years has been to express the symbiotic relationship between humans and the creatures we share our world with.

I am gratified to have now exhibited in two Kansas City galleries. The other being at the Jones Gallery on two different occasions.


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