My drawing “Tribulation” has been accepted in “Emotions – 2021” an international exhibit that encouraged artists to provide artworks that display human feelings and emotions. The selected artworks will be included in The Book of Art publication and showcased in an international online exhibition by Galleriumart of Ontario, Canada from January 15 through February 15, 2022.

Galleriumart exhibitions are intended to create equal showcasing opportunities for prominent visual artists worldwide. The company states, “Art improves people’s lives, and showcasing art is our way of playing our part toward a better world. In this way, Galleriumart utilizes Biafarin exhibition platform to boost the benefits of the smart exhibitions. Each one of the Gallerium shows focus on a unique subject.”


Along with submitting artwork participants were asked to provide an explanation about how the image applied to the theme of the show. My statement read: “The figure in the drawing is wearing prison garb and is pushed to the ground due to what we may perceive to be the circumstances leading to his anxiety and desperation. One hand is set in a fist representing anger and frustration, while the other hand is open-palmed signifying resignation of his situation – and perhaps this opens the door to acceptance, and eventually his ability to overcome. The only part of the figure with color is his skin, as all the other elements (clothing, thorn bush and body position) are his own perceptions of the situation and as such are symbolic. In tribulation we must endure and persevere!”

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