I was honored to be included in the international juried drawing exhibition, “The 14th Annual Drawing Discourse” at the University of North Carolina – Ashville. My entry, “Adoring Nature” was one of 65 drawings selected from 938 entries from 6 different countries by juror Charles Richie. The show runs from January 13 through February 10, 2023.

Part of Mr. Richie’s juror’s statement reads: “Drawing is the autograph of the imagination. It is possibility examined, options proposed, and self-discovery. To my mind, the best drawings conjure personal worlds: it might be a brushy sketch distilling an observation, a dream rendered in reflective and nuanced graphite, a color arrangement painted in astonishing balance and harmony, the charged tracks of charcoal on rough paper, a wry social commentary assembled in collage, or a visionary proposal intricately mapped in ink. I admire the thinking hand, so well-trained that it spills the soul spontaneously, but I also recognize the advantage of the clear-eyed untrained hand as well. I love paper with its flexibility and responsiveness that accommodates everything – including pentimenti, erasures, revisions, and accidents – elements that reveal the unguarded persona of the artist. I love the wildly varied materials and techniques of drawing that foster an astonishing range of approaches, finishes, and formats. Indeed, it might be the intrinsic versatility, intimacy, and informality of drawing that allows it to mirror our own struggles, growth, and epiphanies so acutely while stoking our inner visions.”

My entry “Adoring Nature” in the exhibit catalog
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